The story game


My Mundus Journalism 2016-2018 class had a farewell party yesterday. A small party with pizza, beer and wine delivered with a thoughtful lecture of Hans-Henrik Holm. It was a day full of warmness and love between classmates, since from now on, we will never have a class with 80+ people again, separating altogether into 4 different groups in 4 countries. A bit sad, a bit emotive but we still keep smiling till we say goodbye. Time flies, I’m still feeling the first day at school was just yesterday, or a day from last month.


At the end, we played a game when every person had to answer a question from a list, telling the story or their perspective about life. My question was:

What do you want people to remember about you?

Well, I’ve never thought about it before. It was hard to think of an answer right away so I decided to give a funny but stupid answer, just for fun. Then on my way cycling home, I spent my time to find the right answer.

And I realize at this time, all I want to be remember is simple, not something heroic or greater than life. If I am asked with this question again, I will answer:

I just want to be remember as a guy who made the people he meets in his life happy, no matter how much he can.